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Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School

Englefield Green Social Hall, Harvest Road, Englefield Green, Surrey TW20 0QT

Telephone 07949 824326 or 0208 907 5170

We give your child the best start to their education during the precious early years.Each child’s progress is supervised and encouraged; your child will not only develop the vital skills necessary for literacy and numeracy, but will also develop confidence, self-motivation and a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

We open Monday to Friday during term time 9:00am to 3:30pm.

Milton Hall feeds into many private and public schools. We assess all the children on a daily basis and their progress is recorded. School reports are issued annually.You will also receive a large folder detailing all of your child's work and progress with us when they finally move on to their primary school.

We have Parent Evenings when there is a short talk on Montessori philosophy or the Foundation Stage curriculum followed by the opportunity for the parents to examine the materials and equipment. Sutindar will always find time if you would like an informal chat.

Newsletters are sent to parents monthly.